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Sense4Safety receives a NAM Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge Catalyst Award

Sense4Safety has won a National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge Catalyst Award supporting work on "Smart Home" monitoring technologies for socially vulnerable elders. The Penn Sense4Safety project is one of 124 that received a Catalyst Award in the first round of NAM's new program. Founded by NAM and launched in December of 2019 in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging (NIH), the Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge is essentially a global innovation tournament designed to accelerate scientific advances related to health care and the elderly. The NAM website explains, "At the current pace, population aging is poised to impose a significant strain on economies, health systems, and social structures worldwide. Multidisciplinary solutions are urgently needed to maximize the number of years lived in good health and a state of well-being." 

Book Chapter:

Demiris, G., Richmond, T.S., Hodgson, N.A. (2022). Smart Homes for Personal Health and Safety. In: Hsueh, PY.S., Wetter, T., Zhu, X. (eds) Personal Health Informatics. Cognitive Informatics in Biomedicine and Healthcare. Springer, Cham. pp.49-61.

Sense4Safety at the 2022 Gerontological Society of America Annual Conference

Demiris G, Hodgson N, Richmond T, Skubic M, Harrison S, Sefcik J, Oh S, Cho H. Stakeholder Engagement in the Design of a Fall Risk Predication System for Socially Vulnerable Older Adults. Poster presentation at the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) 2022 Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN; November 3, 2022.

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